Law of Attraction Success Story: From Sole Survivor To Soul Thriver by Susan Berg

In today’s story the author narrates how  she changed her life around with the help pf the law of attraction. After going through a tragic event in her teens, the author overcame all her fears with the help of the Secret.

For many years, I had been told that I should write my life story. I loved the idea of being creative, but kept telling myself “I’m not a writer”. In 2010 I watched the film, The Secret. It had a profound impact on me. After watching the film, I went on a solo motorcycle journey from Melbourne to Byron Bay and I thought about the teachings of positive thinking and visualization. I returned home and changed my life forever.

I sold my home and spent 12 months travelling around South East Asia whilst I wrote. My book was published in 2015. It is an autobiographical account of my life since the tragic loss of my family in a boating accident when I was 15 years old. My mother, father and 16-year-old brother Bill, drowned. I was the sole survivor. That fateful night left me traumatized for years.

After my book was published, I was challenged to face my fear of water and swim the world’s largest open water event; the Lorne Pier to Pub in Victoria Australia. It took me 14 months to prepare mentally and physically, as water had been my greatest fear since the loss of my family 30 years prior. I persevered, using positive thinking and visualization and I achieved my goal on 7 January 2017.

I have now accepted the challenge to swim the English Channel in a 4 person relay in August 2018. I will use this challenge as a way of raising funds for a foundation that helps children with life-threatening illnesses to realize their own dreams.

Since watching The Secret, my life has evolved into a greater existence than I could have ever imagined. I am now an author, public speaker and motivator. Last month I watched the movie again for inspiration and was amazed to recognize the footage at the conclusion was filmed at Half Moon Bay. That is the same place where I train with my coach every morning, a sign that my life is now exactly as it should be!

Rhonda Byrne, thank you for the precious gift that you have given me! I’m grateful that you gave me the courage to share my life experiences, which in turn is now helping others.

Author: Susan Berg from Melbourne, Australia
About the Author: Author, public speaker and entrepreneur.

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