Law of Attraction Success Story: Attracting Good Health!

Today’s story is really inspirational and a must read for anyone suffering from any serious ailment. The author describes how she fought tumor in her stomach with the help of law of attraction and visualization.

I was diagnosed with a tumor in my stomach last year and I got upset over the whole issue. I was advised that I needed surgery.

I was very happy to come across The Secret at that time. I visualised getting better and healthier using the LOA. Also I started believing that I could do all my tasks and jobs, both personal and professional, after my surgery. I also visualised a very smooth postoperative period with a fast recovery.

True to Rhonda’s words, the surgery and postoperative periods were really smooth and uneventful. Now almost a year later, my endoscopy and CT scan reports are normal, thanks again to positive thinking. I have bounced back to life with greater joy, enthusiasm and gratitude. …The Secret has become a part of my day to day activities..

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Author: Sitalakshmi from Chennai.India
About the Author: I am a 43-year-old lady doctor from Chennai. I used to be an introvert and a pessimistic person. I work for a private medical college in Chennai India.

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