Success Story: Everything is Possible When You Believe

In today’s story the author narrates the story of how she managed to fulfill a trip to India in spite of all the issues she was facing. The key to success with the law of attraction is that you need to have full faith in it and just trust blindly that you will get what you desire. With tools like visualization and gratitude you can further ascertain the manifestation.

I grew up with traditional parents who had always told me to get a good job, work hard and success will follow. When I started my first job in high school, I always kept that motto in my head, always work hard. That motto became my work ethic and over the years it proved to be true. My managers loved how much I dedicated myself to my job, coming in early and staying late. I always picked up any extra shifts and would work any holiday they needed. While I was being praised at work, I was missing out on backpacking trips in Europe, spring breaks, and road trips with friends. At the time, I didn’t mind because I always had the motto to keep me motivated “work hard and success will follow”.

Fast forward 11 years later, I was starting a new job with a management title which I had been working towards all of these years. Little did I know, this particular job would require me to give up more than I was prepared for. There would be times that I would work 14 day stretches, 10 – 14 hours a day, with one day off in between the next stretch. On my days off I would search the internet looking at different vacation destinations around the world, imagining what it would be like to explore a new place, culture and I truly developed wanderlust. I would speak to my friends about my growing desire to explore the world and how my mind was being consumed with thoughts of travel. My friends would always invite me when they were planning their next adventure, and I would always decline because it was never a good time with work. After two years of pouring everything I had into this job, upper management was changing and my superior let me go as they had found someone for a lower salary to replace me.

I was devastated. I had never been let go from a job, how was I going to pay rent, my car payment and all of my bills with no income. I immediately started looking for jobs, but was told the same thing “I was too experienced” or that there were no management positions available. No one would hire me, and now I had the time and freedom I had been dreaming of, but no money to do anything. To add insult to injury, a good friend of mine told me she was planning a trip to India in one month and invited me along. I of course had to decline because there was no way that I would be able to afford it. I was already going into my savings paying for my necessities and I wasn’t going to splurge on vacation. I was so angry, I thought for the first time in my life I have all the time in the world, but I can’t afford to go see it. It wasn’t fair!

The next week a family friend asked me if I could help her out by babysitting her son for a few hours after school until she got home from work for the next two weeks because her nanny suddenly had to tend to family business out of the country. It obviously wasn’t a glamorous job like those on my resume, but I gladly accepted and was happy to have work, even if it was babysitting! The first day of nannying, I had arrived to the school early and was on the playground waiting for the kids to get out of class. To pass the time, I called my mom and ended up telling her about the India trip and how amazing it would be, especially for my first trip overseas, but how I had to unfortunately decline. Overhearing my conversation, another nanny pulled a book out of her bag and gave it to me. It was The Secret. She told me she had recently finished reading it and how it positively changed her outlook on life. She was carrying it in her purse in case she had met someone who would benefit from reading it, and hopefully it would help me the way it had helped her.

That night I went home and read The Secret cover to cover. Immediately I knew. If I truly believed with every fiber in my being that I was going on this trip to India, then I would be going. At this point the trip was less than two weeks away and my friends had already booked their flights and accommodations. I began doing research about visiting the cities that we were going too. I would sit in my apartment and visualize myself on the beach in Goa or on the busy streets of Bombay; what I would see, hear and smell. Every night I would say “Thank you for this trip of a lifetime to India”, and every morning I would wake up so excited. To step it up even further, I decided that I wanted to experience a First Class flight, especially since it’s a 26+ hour flight from LA to Mumbai. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, I just knew that it was. Five days before the trip, I downloaded The Secret app on my phone and the first writing that popped up said “All things are possible when you believe.” I knew it was true.

The next day my dad called and said he had received a notice from his credit card company that he had reached a new status level with his reward mileage and they thanked him with a huge bonus of more airline miles. My dad gave me the information I needed and told me that if I could find flights using only miles, that I was welcome to them. I must have called the Travel concierge six times that night trying to work out the best flights, times, layovers while utilizing my points and not spending any money. The last call I made, the concierge was so sweet and excited for me, that she was able to upgrade the flight I chose so that I would be in First Class for the first 17-hour flight, and then business class for the remaining 6 hours of my trip!

The flight was booked! I was going to India! I called my friends to let them know and they could not believe that I had pulled this off only four days prior to leaving! On top of that, because I had been setting aside the babysitting money, I had enough for the two hotels we were staying at, as well as spending money. The trip was incredible to say the least!! The flight alone was a surreal experience and the entire experience was more than I could have imagined and hoped for. I’ve only been back home for a week, but I am already planning another trip abroad using points that I’ve earned from the trip to India and have accepted a part time job which will help me pay my bills and give me the freedom to travel more frequently.

I am so grateful for The Secret and for coming to me at the perfect time, as well as the nanny who gave it to me. I have experienced firsthand the power of the Law of Attraction and will continue to implement it in my life every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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