Success Story: Love Yourself And Your Loved One Will Come Back

Falling in love is a wonderful experience, but you might experience ups and downs in any relationship. If due to some reason, you have separated from your ideal partner you can use the law of attraction to get him or her back in your life. You have to keep complete faith in the Universe and if the other person is perfect for you, you will soon see him or her back in your life. Today’s story shows how the author uses the law of attraction to get back the love of her life.

Hope everyone is doing great, being grateful and having strong faith in the Universe. First of all, I want to thank Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team.

I am writing this story as the wish I made came true. It is about the person I love the most. Just 2 weeks before due to some problems, we distanced ourselves from each other after having nearly 2 years of relationship. I just could not feel better without him. During this rough time, I was introduced to The Secret by one of my teachers. I read it and watched the movie as well. I wrote affirmations every day and thanked the Universe that I am spending my life with him. I used to write that I am so happy and grateful to live with you my love.

There were times when I felt low but I had friends with my side who helped me through this phase. In between we met twice but did not talked so much. I kept in my mind that he would say he missed me and he wanted me back in his life. I had finished reading The Secret and was reading The Power. That day I just saw our pictures clicked together and I felt that he is with me and went on with my other work.

At night around 10 o’clock he messaged me that he wanted to talk to me and that it was very important. After that he messaged me at 12 0 clock and said those words; “Will you be my girlfriend, I miss you and want you to come back in my life”. I was so amazed that out of nowhere he just messaged me.

Wow, thanks to Rhonda Byrne for being such an amazing author and an inspiration. And thanks to my teacher who introduced me to The Secret. I will follow it always and will read all the other books by Rhonda. Thank you for everything! I know that being grateful and feeling happiness attracts more happiness. Everything is happening for you and if you keep yourself strong, what you want will definitely happen for you.

Author: Aditi from India.
About the Author: Good at heart, simple yet passionate about work and life.

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