Success Story: Blessed With The Best Life Partner With The LOA

If you are still looking for your perfect life partner, you should read this success story. In this story the author describes how she used the Secret and the Magic to find her perfect life partner.

I am a very loving and caring person to whomever I meet. This didn’t help me in my relationships since it can turn out to be negative at times. I feel like what if it doesn’t work. I do find my boyfriends irrational and not my type. This attitude caused me to be single for a long time with many breakups. Before anything can happen I would quit. I always had that single status in mind. My life was not set for a couple’s life.

I knew The Secret since 2007. I remembered to practice but sometimes not. Last year in May during my birthday, I became emotional since it was my time to settle with the right one. I did cry. Then I realized I’m the one not being positive and not applying The Secret. You know what I did? I started feeling and imagining I’m with my life partner. I changed my status to “in a relationship” on Facebook. Btw, I had special guy on my mind. I knew he was the one.

When I prayed I asked for blessed life partner and gave a thank you for having him. I was also practicing The Magic. I imagined everything as someone’s partner and felt it deeply. Some may feel it’s cheating yourself. But no, actually. You are creating the frequency and magnetic force. Guess what? Within weeks before my birthday, the Universe granted me my wish!

I always used a ring on my ring finger to remind myself to be grateful and say thank you many times a day. Trust me it’s all in your mind to get what you want. You may feel silly but it’s the answer. Feel happy for others. Bless others. Your life will be magnificent. Thank you Rhonda!

Author: Jivani from Malaysia

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