Success Story: Attracted My Goal Weight And Life Partner

Firstly, I want to thank Rhonda and The Secret team for improving the lives of so many people by sharing the knowledge of the law of attraction and positive thinking.

My story is long overdue. I was introduced to The Secret around 2009 by my brother. I was 17 years old and I thought it was amusing but I did not take it seriously. I think this was because I was young, not ready to accept it and my life was pretty easy and happy at the time. Fast forward to 2012, I had gained 10 kg which looked unnatural for me. I was single after being in a 3 year relationship and just generally unhappy and negative about life. To top this off, my dad became sick so I deferred a semester of university to spend more time at home. During this time I came across The Secret again and decided to watch the DVD and read the book. Even though I already knew about the LOA, it was as though I had discovered new information and was completely accepting of it all. It completely changed my outlook on life.


My first goal was to get back to my normal weight of 52 kg. I lost a little bit of the weight in 2013 and started to gain my confidence back. However I did not reach 52 kg in 2013 because I kept thinking about it. In 2014 it all changed. I decided to let it go and just be completely grateful for how I am and be grateful for my privileged life and my loving family and friends. My positive outlook on life led me to meet the love of my life in 2014 and I the joy in my life increased tenfold. I forgot about my goal weight and just lived life in the moment, focusing on my relationship, friends and university.

I decided to take my boyfriend home at the end of 2014 to meet the parents and we had to be weighed before travelling because we were going on a small aircraft. And of course the scales read 51kg! Once I learned to let go of the superficial things like my weight and focus on what matters like love, friendship and family, I became the person I knew I had lost back in 2011-2012.

Here’s a list of what I have attracted through the LOA:

– Loving, loyal, driven and handsome partner.
– Supportive family and friends.
– A Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree.
– 50kg body weight.
– Central, spacious and affordable apartment in a great city.

Next, I will attract the perfect job for me in my desired industry, with my desired salary and location. And also an Australian permanent residency so that I can begin a life here with my partner.

Author: RVE from Australia.
About the Author: I am 25 years old, live in Australia and come from a big family. I’m in a loving relationship and have been more than fortunate throughout my life.

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