Success Story: Use The Power of Gratitude To Manifest Things Quickly

In today’s story the author describes how she, by using some tools like gratitude reminders, never forgets to feel grateful throughout the day.

I have many Secret stories to share, but I wanted my first post to be one of gratitude. I have always been a very thankful person but I guess I never really knew or understood what gratitude really was. I have come to know that being thankful is something that you think and do, but gratitude is something you feel and express. Gratitude is your thankfulness put into motion through your feelings and that is the true gift! It is the feeling that we are all trying to gain, the experience of not really obtaining the things that we want. The things are things, but the feeling is amazing and life changing.

The Universe shared that with me one day this past fall. I was drawn to sit in quiet one day, on my lunch break, where it was just nature and myself. I began thinking about all of the things I was wanting. I heard in my ear very loudly “done” and as I began mentioning each thing I wanted, I kept hearing the word “done”. I began to feel an overwhelming burst of energy and gratitude filling my body like never before. I felt in the very moment I had literally been handed everything I had been wishing for. That feeling an American Idol gets when they are singing the final song after being announced the winner! I felt completely shut up, humbled, loved, blessed and silent. I then knew that once those things I wanted finally came that I would not be able to recreate the feeling I had just felt in that moment. That was the true gift! That feeling was really what we all have been trying to receive! The other things were just the follow up. I suddenly got it!

I was introduced to The Secret a while ago by a close friend and coworker as she loaned me her DVD copy of The Secret to watch. I put it aside figuring it was everything we already talked about spiritually every day anyhow. Hmm, what did I know?! So, finally in the Fall of 2011, I watched the DVD and my life began changing immediately. The way I looked at life and the way I approached it began changing at such a deep level that I never knew existed. I have always been a spiritual and positive driven person who kept on struggling to maintain that attitude practicing what she preached. Now, I knew the missing ingredients to everything. Gratitude! Wow! I had been spending my whole life focused on the future all these years while not truly appreciating what was in front of me and what had already been given me. I looked back and saw everything I had lost and gained and how I had attracted everything to me!

So, I started a gratitude journal but found it hard to always find the time to write in it. Although it really is a great tool! I established my own email address to the Universe so that I could easily email the Universe when I felt I needed to. This is another tool! Finally, because I am so busy and get distracted way too easily being a mom and working full time, I decided to put a daily reminder on my phone called the “Gratitude Hour”. I put this as my morning wake up call. It reminds of the story of thinking of all of the things you are grateful for until you shed a tear before putting your feet on the floor to start your day. Instead of closing out the reminder, I snooze for an hour and every hour the reminder pops up. I am busy all through the day but when my reminder pops up, I stop whatever I am doing and think of one thing I am thankful for and focus on it long enough to feel the gratitude and the tear that wells. This has been a wonderful way to keep a gratitude driven and fulfilled day! The more gratitude I feel, the less important the things I am wanting are. I know the Universe knows my heart, my thoughts, and feelings and it will respond accordingly. The feeling of gratitude is a much better feeling to carry with me all day long!

May all your days feel The Power and The Magic of The Secret!

Author: Jennifer Elizabeth from Hartford County, CT

About the Author: Lightworker since 1976, mother of two, paranormal investigator, hypnotist, vocalist and secret practitioner.


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