Success Story: Manifesting Rain with the Law of Attraction

There are no limits to what you can attract into your life using the law of attraction, it only depends on how strong your belief is. In today’s story the author manifests rain with the help of visualization and the law of attraction.

Well this would be the first time I am writing a story here. I have manifested so many little and big things in my life. I have even solved so many problems in my life with the help of the law of attraction. This is my story how I attracted the rain.

I live in a tropical climate nation, so I can’t expect snow here like in the northern hemisphere countries. One thing that gives me comfort equal to snow, is rain. Over here there is a monsoon season around November and December. I usually get delighted whenever it rains, especially at night. I can sleep so well with the sound of rain as there is always a peace and tranquility surging inside me whenever I hear the patter of the rain.

Nowadays, there is hardly rain here, even in monsoon season due to urbanization and climate change. There was one night I could hardly fall asleep due to the heat and obviously, I did miss rainy season here. So I went outside, I opened my arms and imagined I felt a cold breeze against my skin. I imagined the rains drops were falling on my face and I felt the cold and the chill from the rain drops. I sent my heart felt gratitude to the Universe for sending the rain to me. Then I went to my bed with my heart full of gratitude.

Around 2 AM I was awakened by a thumping sound against my window sill. I opened up my window and I could not believe what was happening! I even pinched myself several times to make sure it was real! It was finally raining after such a long time with no rain. I felt the cold breeze and the chill from the rain drops. It was raining! I felt like the five-year-old me again, how I loved to sleep with the sound of the rain. I could not remember sleeping with so much peace after so long a time.


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