Success Story: Getting Your Love Back After a Break-up

Break-ups are always difficult phase of anybody’s life. In today’s story the author narrates how she used the law of attraction to get the love of her life after a break-up.

The Secret has brought many things into my life. Today my story is about love. I met my boyfriend over 10 months ago. He has a lot of the qualities I have always wanted. He is kind, gorgeous, generous and loyal to name a few. His smile can light up a room and his eyes are a chocolate brown color. Most of those 10 months were good but cultural, religious and immigration problems arose.

I always had feared that he didn’t love me and would be sent back to his own country due to visa issues. Well, ask and you shall receive.

Unfortunately, in November he admitted he was having doubts about our relationship and said he didn’t love me. I was shattered. Then not long after that he said immigration was not giving him many options. I cried and begged and said I’d follow him anywhere. This clearly did not work and he said a lot of cold, hurtful things and said he wanted to go back to his country. He would not give me any options to work things out so we broke up.

Although I cried the first night of that breakup I remained quite calm and level headed the rest of the time. I had asked the Universe for strength and was so grateful to have it. I wrote down in my gratitude journal the things I loved about him. I visualized the missed calls from his number on my iPhone, the text messages saying he misses me. I visualized the excitement I would feel as I put my make up on and waited for his car to come down my street to pick me up for our date. I had the vision of him at my apartment building door, tears welling up in his eyes and making it clear he wants to work on us, because without me he is miserable.

After a little over a month from our breakup and he came back! I was so distracted by other great things in my life that I almost forgot the order I placed with the Universe. Pretty much everything turned out how I pictured it and now he is the one willing to compromise this time. We are madly in love and thanks to The Secret our relationship is healing and getting stronger every day. In addition, I am losing weight every day without trying, also thanks to The Secret!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Author: Kelly B from Australia.
About the Author: Thanks to the law of attraction I live a charmed life.

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