The Law of Attraction Success Story: Manifesting a Plane Seat

The power of the law of attraction is without any boundaries. You might think that getting the best seat on a plane is something too small or insignificant and the Universe will not manifest that for you. Today’s story shows how the 16-year old author uses the secret and gets her desired window seat.

This story is how I manifested my plane seat in under 40 minutes. My family and I were going on a trip which required a plane flight of 5 hours. I was already so grateful for the opportunity. But I knew that I was going to get the middle seat. I was blessed to be going on this trip but not necessarily happy about the seat I had gotten. We were all gonna be separated since the seats we had gotten were cheaper then the desired seats.

When driving to the airport I just knew I was going to get a window seat. I told the Universe what I wanted and believed that it would be mine. And then I let it go.

When boarding the plane I was talking to my brother as I talk a lot. Some lady noticed where we were seated and offered to switch seats with me so I could be closer to him! I literally jumped and of coarse said yes!! I got the window seat! On the returning flight I also got the window seat and they even changed my parents seats so my parents could sit with me!

I know this is a small manifestation but for a 16 year old this seems pretty awesome to me. I love The Secret and I am so grateful that I found it! Thank you for everyone who took the time to read this. Best wishes to everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Author: Jenn, a 16-year-old from Las Vegas.

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