Success Story: Trip to Hawaii with the Law of Attraction

Today’s success story shows how you should be focused on your dream and not give up on them easily. We all take the efforts of making vision boards but we forget to live-up to the dream and stop believing in it. Faith and belief are important tools in manifestation of your dreams.

Dreams are like children, the more you nurture them, the more they grow. But once they are born, so too is their will to live. I say this because I now know from experience that even if you have given up on your dreams, your dreams still haven’t given up on you, once you have put the intention into the Universe.

I took special time out of my day to make a dream board. I filled it with pictures of Hawaii, the beaches, surfers, mountains and the people and I told myself that I was going to go there. At the time I had a very strong desire to go as I had never been there.

Fast forward a few months and I was moving across the state, preoccupied with my new job and adjusting to new territory. I brought my dream board with me but at that point, Hawaii was on the back burner. Simply surviving day to day was the challenge.

But one day it became too much. I was too overwhelmed with the unrealistic expectations of my roommates and the stress of my job in the medical field. So I decided to give my mom a call. During this phone call I mentioned my desire for Hawaii. I had the money, I said. I just didn’t see myself going alone. I wanted to be with my family or close friends. I realized this during my recent entry into the “real world.”

What she said next renewed my faith in myself and my dreams. She would go with me! Not only that, but she had lived in a hotel for a few months because of her husband’s relocation in his job. So, she had “hotel points” that could be used for a free stay! Not only did we not have to pay for a hotel, but we were able to book one that was beachfront, the very top floor, with a beautiful ocean view!

My friends, your dreams are already happening! All you have to do is claim them. A big thank you to the beautiful people in my life who enriched my experience in Hawaii. And a big thank you to The Secret team for inspiring me every day.

Author: Khalid Hisham
About the Author: Lover of roblox

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