Success Story: Getting Good Grades With The Law of Attraction

Getting good grades is the top priority for students. In today’s story the author tells us how she got good grades by following the law of attraction. This is a must read for all students who wish to improve their scores.

First of all, I would like to thank Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team and especially my wonderful family for introducing The Secret to me.

I was introduced to The Secret from quite a young age and was lucky to have been surrounded by positive attitudes, but I had never really taken it on board as much as I could have. My parents then bought me The Secret to Teen Power but I left it unread in my room.

I picked up The Secret when I was going through a hard time in my life. I was feeling depressed a lot of the time and upset and suffered from panic attacks. I decided to turn my life around and picked up The Secret.

From that moment on my life had completely changed. I started seeing life in a whole different perspective. I started thinking positively about everything and I separated myself from negative friends.

My mother gave me a vision board and I gradually built it up.

One of my main goals was to achieve 10 A’s in my GCSE’s. This was all I thought about continuously and I visualized myself opening the letter and seeing the results and people’s reaction when I told them.

As my exams time came closer I got more nervous and I started having doubts. What if I wasn’t smart enough? I couldn’t get all A’s. I went on to The Secret webpage and looked at stories of people who inspired me. I saw a message from a girl who said that if she got the grades she would post on the website. That gave me an idea. I opened up word and typed this up ready to paste on to The Secret webpage in a couple of months’ time when I had received the grades I want. I thank the universe in advance.

P.S Updating and posting this now after my results! I am delighted to say that I have received 7 A pluses and 3 As which is amazing!!! Everything you want is possible if you believe! I hope my story inspires many others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

About the author: I truly believe in The Secret’s power and look forward to many more opportunities in life and sharing with as many people as possible.

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