Success Story: From Break-up to Perfect Love With The LOA

Today’s success story shows how the author changed her love life by simply changing her emotional state – from failed relationships to meeting the perfect dream guy.

I have known about The Secret for the past 10 years, but I had a difficult time pushing myself to believe in what I wanted. My story happened a year and a half ago, but I feel it today after spending hours thinking and reflecting on the transformation.

I had gone through a breakup and my ex was in one of my classes. It broke my heart that I had to breakup with him, but more so seeing him a couple of days a week in a 5-hour class. He did everything in his willpower to bring me down. He would continuously flirt with a series of girls in front of me and tell me things he knew would upset me. I spent the first week of summer with him, but he wanted to meet up so that he could talk to me about his plans with another female. At the same time, the guy that I had a crush on had told me that he’s attracted to me but that he doesn’t think we would be a good match. I felt rejected from two guys and the feeling of heartbreak just kept escalating. One bad news to another. I was at such a low that I yelled at myself on the inside, “No, you are not allowed to feel this anymore.”

I decided to start a new hobby to distract myself from all of these negative feelings. I started yoga and my attention quickly went from guys to myself. I no longer talked about how horrible my ex or crush were with my friends because I knew that the moment I started to think about them that my mind and thoughts would go to an unhappy place. I did not only think positively, but I for once felt happy. My entire being was happy with myself. I felt so much love for myself and that love was what I had previously sought through my relationships with men.

The love and happiness that I felt had attracted all sorts of men that I had encountered. My ex felt it and he started to message me. My crush began texting me almost every single day. My life turned around. I decided to put the past behind and I blocked them because my new life had no room for my unhappy past. I cut off whatever intervened in my happiness.

During this prime time, I attracted the perfect guy for me. He gives me the love and attention that I always wanted.

There are some key points to my story that I want to reiterate. I did not try to apply The Secret, but I did so without knowing it. My frequency of feelings went from sadness to ultimate happiness. By being happy, I attracted good things. You might have a hard time applying The Secret when you first hear about it, but I am sure that you will see its effects and works into your life at some point. When I saw how The Secret really applied to my transformation, I no longer have a hard time “believing” because I experienced first-hand how believing changes your life. I believe in The Secret.

Author: Sara from California.

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