Success Story: Found A Home In Record Time!

If you ever limit your thoughts while you dream of something, don’t – today’s success story will show you why. The Universe has everything to offer, but it can only give what you positively ask for. The moment you think, thoughts like “not that much”, “not so soon” the Universe holds back, because of your thought process. Read this success story to see how it works.

Hello to everyone and big thanks to Rhonda and The Secret team!

My husband and I had leased a dream cottage in a very sought after area in our small city. Soon after though, the marriage ended and I found myself still in the cottage having to pay all of the rent myself. I figured I would live there until I saved enough to buy a house. But, only nine months later the owner of the cottage died and her daughter decided to sell the house. I had been paying way under market for the lease and was now concerned that I would never find a place nearby for that price. And, as I looked in the regular places, it seemed true. Everything was way above my budget and I feared I would have to move to a smaller place in a not so nice area.

I decided right then to practice what I learned in The Secret and focus on what I wanted. To feel and know that I was now living in a wonderful home.

I then got the idea to call a real estate friend and even though my credit was damaged by the divorce, I felt that this was my best option. I texted my friend explaining that I had to move right away, my credit was not perfect, but that I would be a great tenant. She texted me back immediately and said to call her right away. Well, when my text came through to her, she was sitting in the office with a gentleman who was looking for someone to rent his home. And, he happened to know me!

Within 2 days I had signed a lease to move into a four bedroom, four bath home with a detached artist studio and a spectacular backyard, only 5 blocks from the cottage! And, he let me pay what I could afford, which was $1500 below market value! He did this because he trusted me to take good care of his property!! What an amazing demonstration of the LOA. The house is like living in a vacation villa every day! The Universe is absolutely unlimited in its capacity to give us what we ask for. Just know that there is no limit to what we can create. Blessings to all.

Author: Dawn G.
About the Author: I am a lifelong artist realizing my dream of painting full time and going for all of my dreams.

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