Success Story: Everything Comes Full Circle!

I am a mom of three and had a really rough time with my kids dad a few years ago. We broke up and it was just a horrible time for me. From splitting up our family, to other relationships and child support issues, I hated having to watch my kids being pulled between so many unnecessary issues. I felt life was testing me big time. But everything comes full circle.

In the midst of that breakup and heartache, I found myself! I found The Secret, The Power and all kinds of other LOA books that assisted me in getting my joy back. My mind and heart has been renewed 10 times over! My optimism is on an all-time high. I am now in a place of consistent happiness. I am making all my dreams come true by controlling my thoughts and being grateful! These books by Ms. Rhonda are life changing!!!

I even got certified to help other people as a Life Coach, where I can pour into others The Secret tips to help them have a better life.
And to top it all off, I got my family back together! We are stronger than ever and making strives soon to tie the knot again!
Speak what you desire over your life because it works and I am a living testimony to that. Stay blessed fellow LOA lovers and keep sharing your stories.

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