The Secret Success Story: Getting into a College of Your Choice

Only a few months ago my friends suggested to me that I watch The Secret documentary. I was very inspired and motivated. I started recalling experiences in my life that made me say; “Yes, it works!”

I started suggesting it to a lot of other people. Some got inspired. Others told me it was fake. It did not stop me though. A friend told me “So what if it doesn’t work? At least you will learn to be grateful and happy with what you have!” So I started seeing positivity in everything and I made a list of things that I wanted for my life. From a particular kind of earrings to studying in Delhi, NCR.

Some of my wishes were fulfilled and others have not yet. I got into 2 universities but my father did not want me to go to them as those universities did not guarantee a hostel. Then I did not sit around and cry. I made a new plan. Things that I could do here and make a career. Before going to sleep I would count my blessings and be grateful to everyone, from the girl who lent me a pen to Mom for cooking good food. I was happy even if I could not make those universities. I thought something much better and bigger was waiting for me. I did not know if that was true. But I kept telling myself it was so often that I believed it.

Then all of the sudden one morning I got a call from one of the universities from Delhi and they told me that they wanted me. Soon I will be studying in a different country. Everyone is happy around me for me. Most importantly I am happy.

Today I want to thank Rhonda Byrne and her whole crew for making this documentary. I love you. You changed my life. The Secret changed my life.

About the Author: I am 21 years. I am from a small town Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, India. I have done mu graduate. I am about to start my post graduation very soon. Within a week i guess.

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