The Secret Success Story: Power of Visualization and Belief!

Gratitude and faith are the two things I believe in. My friend Karmesh introduced me to The Secret world and I am enjoying the best phase of my life for sure. Over a discussion that started from 3 am to 8 am I was introduced to this beautiful world by this friend.

I desperately needed a high end laptop but could not afford to spend money at this point in time. Considering the power of visualization, I visualized and believed that I already have this laptop within my budget and I started thinking of what I can do on this machine.


Within a week of my intense visualization, someone called me and asked me to do some marketing videos for them. This is something unexpected because I have been doing this work for ages but never got such calls. He offered me an amount of money that is almost twice the amount of my new laptop. I got the money and the bought the laptop!

When I went home, I saw that my wife had put up a new wall paper that reads “Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize”. Do I need to say anything else?! What timing!

Author Sandeep:
About the Author: I am starting off as an independent filmmaker after working for the corporate world for almost a decade. I decided to pursue my passion after reading The Secret. I have been thinking of doing this for years but could not afford to move out of my comfort zone. There was an initial fear but a strong voice kept telling me that you are born to make films. You take the first step and I will make not one, but many different ways for you. A way will be made, just take the first step.

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