The Secret Success Story: Everything Happens For The best

Today’s Secret success story by Heather is really motivating and inspiring. Those who have not seen any success with the law of attraction should really read this story. The proverb “Everything happens for the best” is so true and is reinforced by this awe-inspiring story. Sometimes bad things have to happen to make way for much better things that are in store for you.

Hi everyone, this is a Secret Story about the fastest manifestation I have ever attracted in my life. My story starts in NYC, where I’m from. Some of you may remember me as the girl who was poor and near homeless when she started visualizing being accepted to a gigantic and expensive university and then manifested being accepted at that exact university, got off the streets, attracted money and a new life, and showed a lot of gratitude.

Well, my story did not end there. I decided after a while I wanted to live in Los Angeles, so I attracted that, too, and moved there. A few years passed. Then comes the strange, amazing part. My entire life stopped.

I couldn’t move things forward. I couldn’t move things back. My visualizations and affirmations got stuck. I tried harder. I wrote in my gratitude journal. I prayed. I imagined. I wrote detailed lists. I made vision boards. Nothing worked. I began to lose friends. I lost my job, I lost my home, I lost all of my belongings, and I even lost my dear mom, who I loved more than anything or anyone else in the world. My whole life shattered to pieces and fell apart in a matter of months in Los Angeles and I was left with absolutely nothing.

Even worse than that, trying to recover and put the little fragments back together, I wound up moving into an apartment owned by a very seriously mentally disturbed landlord. He destroyed what few things I owned that were left, then locked me up in the attic and made violent threats against me. You have to admit that when it comes to my life, this was about as bad as it could get. I wasn’t homeless, but all my things were gone or destroyed, my mom was dead, my so-called friends all abandoned me (not one checked on me during all this stuff, not one single time), and now here I was in the attic of a house of horrors. And the law of attraction had failed me.

Why was this happening? What could it possibly mean?

Well, it had a purpose!

At my last ounce of strength, late one night, I asked myself what my life would look like if I were granted every single thing I wanted.

I realized I was unhappy in America. To me, America was becoming no longer the place I wanted to be or live. I wanted a life of peace, calm and joy, making the art I like to make while surrounded by people who work to live, not live to work, and who value love, and family, and passion. I realized my dream life was in Italy.

How does a girl with no money, trapped in an attic, with no family, no friends, no car, no belongings or possessions, and no hope, get from Los Angeles to Italy? What, was I crazy?

Almost the next day, by a series of coincidences, I was able to escape the attic and made contact with a landlord/tenant attorney. The attorney was so shocked hearing my situation he and his partner took on my case on contingency and sued the landlord on my behalf. The landlord and his attorney were quite dark, manipulative and tricky, but my attorneys circumvented all their deceit attempts and won me a handsome settlement.


This story is to encourage those of you who have visualized and attracted something, and done everything “the right way” but don’t see anything manifesting yet. It’s for those of you out there, too, who have lost all your friends and your stuff, and have been stripped down to having nothing. I hope you will see in my story that when this happens there is a purpose.

My home went away (albeit with a good rental record, which I cherish and am happy I earned) because a new home was coming. I lost my car because you cannot take a car where the Universe had me headed. I lost my boyfriend because a better one was coming. I lost my job opportunities because they would have tempted me not to accept the new one that was coming. I was stripped of my friends because I was about to have newer, better and more honest, wonderful friends. I lost my belongings because all that old stuff would have cost me a fortune to store or to move to my new home, which, as it turns out, is Rome, Italy 🙂

As I type this, the sun is setting on Rome and the ancient Italian festival of Ferragosto has begun. It’s a time of relaxing on a long weekend, praying to the Virgin Mary and spending happiness and eating good food with family. I’m in the swankiest, coolest apartment I’ve ever rented, I have tons of money in the bank, money keeps coming in from so many job tasks I can barely keep up with them all, I have newer nicer clothes that fit me better, softer shoes, tons of new Italian friends, and a slower, more relaxed pace of life. I feel young.

All the things I lost were being taken away to prepare me for a better life in the Eternal City: a dream I could not have prior imagined would be possible to me. Had my dear mommy not passed away there is no way I would have done this, and traveled so far. I can feel she is watching me. My brother told me the other day he dreamed that she was, and that she was so proud.

Sometimes, when the LOA doesn’t seem to be working, and you find yourself losing things, those losses are the LOA actually working. The space is being created for all sorts of magical new things you visualized without even really being aware of it, or before you knew they could happen. Sometimes, what you’ve manifested and is coming, is so freaking big the Universe has to scoop out a big space in your present day life to give it room to arrive and fit.

Such was the case with me. I now live in Rome.


Author: Heather
About the Author: Long time student of the LOA, I learn something new about it every week.

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