The Secret Success Story: From Disaster Life To A Diamond Life

In today’s success story, the author sees his life turn around from good to bad but later with the help of the law of attraction he turns into a much better life.

Life as I knew it was amazing for me several years ago to the extent that many envied me and were jealous as to why all great stuff happens to me. Until one day, the world came crashing down on me.

I met with an accident, where I sustained a head injury and spinal injury forcing me to use crutches for some time. My health was seriously deteriorated due to the trauma from the accident. My studies started to take a toll and my results were bad causing me to lose my undergraduate scholarship. I was forced out of the university.

My health condition was exploited by my startup co-founders and my investors and I got ousted from my own company. Within weeks I was left with broken bones and broke, with no place to go or sleep. I was also debt-ridden as I did the startup expansion on my own capacity. Banks stripped me of my assets as they moved to recover the debts. There were times I wanted to take my own life to end this non-stop misery. Many people around me doubted that I could recover from the tragedy and make a comeback in life, including me.


With no choice, I went to my parents for refuge and support. My parents helped me to get into another private college. Every day I kept thinking why such misery came to me and what was my sin. I kept reiterating all the past again, which I later realized was attracting more bad experiences. At one point I remembered about being exposed to Law of Attraction (LOA) and The Secret in school 6 years ago. I then watched “The Secret” and read more about LOA.

That very moment, I started a book of gratitude for myself. It’s a diary where every night before I go to bed I write all the things I am grateful for that day. From electricity, to food, to clothes, even good weather.

Slowly over days, I realized my daily experience turned positive. Then, I visualized myself in a new startup with a great team.

Within a week, I started my new start-up based in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur with unexpected support from friends. I then used visualization to attract a good team to work on my startup. My staff from my past startup then began to call me up, hoping to join my new company. A good number of them resigned from the old company, worrying about the top management’s practice after witnessing me being ousted. They joined me and my startup started to flourish.

Eventually, I began to harness and use the full power of the LOA. From train seats, to parking spaces, to getting the bus on time, all the experiences I wanted I just visualized and presumed that they already happened. Since then, no matter how crowded the train is, I tend to get a seat. I have never run late for work or a meeting.

Although KL is known for heavy traffic, I never get caught in traffic jam. There was one time where I was late for a client meeting nearly an hour because I was helping a lady to change her tire, but I wasn’t pensive, instead I was positive. Once I reached the hotel lounge, my client was even later than me and he took me to dinner to nice posh restaurant to make it up to me. I used to visualize myself eating at this particular restaurant months ago. LOA did its job in very harmonic way. “Everything happens for a good reason”.


From that moment onward, I never looked back or recall my bad memories because I don’t want to fill myself with negative energy. I look forward to the future with excitement and design my future the way I want. LOA will eventually remove toxic people. Although my circle of friends got smaller, the toxic people evaporated and I gained new but loyal friends.

Within a year, my startup was growing well enough and attracting good attention around the world. One day, I got a call from a South Asia based consortium who wished to acquire us for our technology. The deal was completed smoothly favoring my demands and securing the future of my team members in the new parent company, while I exited the startup because I didn’t wish to relocate myself.

I then began to visualize myself getting a great house and buying my childhood dream cars, a BMW i8 and BMW x4. Both the cars weren’t sold in Malaysia at that time but I kept dreaming and persuading myself that I was driving these 2 cars.

Recently, BMW Malaysia introduced both BMW x4 and BMW i8 in Malaysia and will be open for sale very soon! I was stunned to hear the news and was even more convinced that nothing is impossible for LOA.

I have also found my dream house and a great location in south of Kuala Lumpur, exactly the model that I was dreaming about and visualizing. I was shocked when I paid the house a visit. However, I haven’t reached an agreement with the seller yet but I am using the LOA to conclude the deal soon. I have made up my mind that I will move and live in that house. It’s just matter of time.

LOA also will find its way into assisting my investment house. I will use LOA to manifest great projects and investment opportunities with good return on investment (ROI) and balanced risk. LOA has also fulfilled my wish by introducing me to a great asset manager for me to venture into the stock market.

The Secret stories made me realize that the more I give to the world, the more I get. It doesn’t necessary mean in money terms. The more compliments, wishes, smiles, help, ideas etc., I share or give to others, the more and better my experience. Thus, I have committed to donating 1/10 of my annual income to charity. I also try to avoid negative words and use positive words even to critique others.

The LOA is indeed true. It helped to turn my life around 180 degrees, from a devastated life to a diamond life. Today, I am becoming a booming investor and enjoy a life full of abundance. I deserve to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

Author: Sky Sharan Raj

About the Author: A successful tech entrepreneur becoming a booming private investor and philanthropist. After successfully selling my startup, I ventured into investment and affordable property development.


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