The Secret Success Story: Believing In The Magic Of Life For Two!!

I discovered The Secret thanks to my cousin almost three years ago. Since that day, I encouraged my husband on many occasions to read it but he was rather skeptical about the whole content. So I kept on sharing with him some of my daily achievements: parking spots, money magnet, free gifts, etc.

A few months ago he faced serious financial hardships and he was very down. I wanted to help but didn’t know how, until the day before yesterday I discovered The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles fore noted by Rhonda Byrne. I started reading it out loud for him before we went to bed.

The next day he told me he was still chewing on the ideas displayed in the book. And during the day, he started attracting money! He was metamorphosing right in front of my eyes: his attitude, his walk, his tone. I was witnessing the birth of a new man! A man who truly believes he can get all the money he needs, simply by wanting to. I was thrilled to see him so happy!


But today I discovered a new “secret”: when you are a couple and together believe that everything is possible, the magic is not only doubled, but multiplied by ten!

And to prove it, here is what happened: We went together today to a new beach resort and besides having a wonderful time in the sun and a great lunch, we kept on winning gifts all day! Check the following list:

1- A 4-night fully paid hotel in the mountains with the kids.

2- Two entrance tickets to the same resort for next time.

3- A makeup session with hair and manicure

4- A 6-person free lunch at a restaurant of our choosing.

5- A 40% discount on a jet sky ride

6- An 8-person free invitation to a pub of our choosing!

This all happened today! Isn’t that simply amazing!!

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