Success Story: Woman Gets Her Dream Home With Law of Attraction

I was in a down time of my life. Working a hard door to door sales job. It was a hot summer day, and I pulled my car up in front of a beautiful home sitting on the edge of a picture perfect lake to have my peanut butter sandwich that I had made for my lunch.

I sat and thanked god for the beauty around me, and cried for my situation. I asked why I was living in a cheap apartment in town, when all these people are living in beautiful homes on this beautiful lake. Was I loved so much less than they were? I imagined myself floating on the lake in the boat that was attached to the dock across the street from the pretty house.

Dream house near lake with law of attraction

A couple of days later I was sitting in bed reading the for sale ads in the newspaper and there in bold print was: FREE HOUSE. I said to my husband there is something we can afford. So I called the number, and it wasn’t exactly true, it was come and take over my loan, but you need no money down to buy it. I will quick claim it to you. I have to leave the area, and the house can be yours.

So we went to see it. It was the exact house I had been sitting in front of a couple of day’s earlier, pleading for a house like it! I had visualized myself in it, asked for it, and as always thanked for what I already had as it was much. And, it was given to me!

I didn’t realize it at the time, I hadn’t read The Secret yet, but now there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t enjoy the knowledge that I am not alone, others are connected to the universe just the same as I am, and it isn’t just a pipe dream I have lived with all my life.

Author: Sylvia from Oregon.
About the Author: I am 69 years old, and have used The Secret my whole life without understanding it until I saw the movie, and then read the book. It was like finding myself, meeting an old friend, having someone else to understand what I have known my whole life.

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