Success Story: How Being Realistic Ruins Reality.

Today’s story focuses on how been realistic can actually ruin your reality.

Instead if you stay positive and optimistic the universe will make sure that you get what you want.

I have always referred to myself as the realistic one, others would call me the “glass half empty” kind of girl. My life by no means has been terrible. Not perfect, but not awful. I’ve always had a ton of friends, social butterfly when needed. I’m the funny one, the one that gives great advice. Behind closed doors, I was miserable. Chronically depressed, coming off a rough patch in my marriage and just about ready to give up, divorce, pack my bag and move to another state.

But, one day, I decided that the life I had been living was not the life assigned to me. I Googled “how to be happy” and this led me to The Secret.

How Being Realistic Ruins Reality

I did exactly what I was told. I asked for a new job, I received a new job. I asked for extra money the first month of new job because I started right in the middle of the pay period. This is what I have received so far:

  1. $30 rebate check in the mail from an RX.
  2. Found a gift card that has $34.
  3. Our car insurance went down $55 each month.
  4. Our mortgage went down $127 each month.
  5. My credit card of $4500 balance switched to 0% interest for 12 months.
  6. Gym membership got cut in half.
  7. Received a check from insurance company for $1400 because I forgot to cancel my homeowners insurance on our house we sold last year!

Author: Amanda.
About the Author:I have always been the cynical or as I liked to describe myself, “the realistic” one. Constantly waiting for things to go bad. I would have good luck and then wonder when things were going to go wrong. One day I decided that I was, like we say in the south, “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. My life changed that day.

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