Success Story: Life Can be a Miraculous With The Secret

I discovered The Secret through a friend and I must say, when I first heard of it I thought this is too good to be true!!!

I started small, asking for things like a coffee, and when these manifested I began to write a list. I was really unhappy in my job and felt I wasn’t appreciated. I passed my driving test four years ago but never was able to afford a car. I wrote my list of things I wanted: A new job, a new car and my finances to be sorted out. Every day I wrote out my list and I wrote out what I was thankful for and who I loved. I would look outside my house and look at the parking space where my car would be. I imagined a job where I was happy and paid enough that I could buy a car.

Life Can be a Miraculous With The Secret

This year had been a very hard year. I lost my beautiful nana to cancer and then a week later my auntie also died of cancer. Within a week I got an email from a guardian angel that said by the 19th of August my life would change forever, my finances would improve, my health would improve and I would be getting a new job.

By the 19th of August I had been offered a new job with a massive pay rise!! I had been approved for finance for a car and my disability application was approved so I had a massive back pay!

This took 6 months to happen and all I can say is believe and stay focused on love and being thankful and you will receive.

God bless you all!



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