Success Story: The Universe Got Me Fired From My Job And I’m Okay With That!

Now, you’ve probably read that title and are thinking, “Oh my goodness, this person got fired, that’s terrible!” Not exactly. I was looking to quit long before it ever got to that, but there were a few reasons why I didn’t.

–I didn’t have another job yet. I was applying everywhere.

–You’re supposed to wait a year so it looks good on your resume and that time hadn’t come yet.

I wanted a different job for multiple reasons that I’ll spare you from. I always wrote what time my shifts started on my calendar so I’d know when I was supposed to go in and I’d be on time. I also always wrote in my journal about how my shift was that day. I read The Secret several times over along with The Power and The Magic, so I stopped writing down my shifts on my calendar and stopped writing about when I worked. I also stopped openly sharing about where I worked and for how long. I only talked about it when directly asked.

The Universe Got Me Fired From My Job

I was telling the universe that I wanted a different job with all of my actions but I wasn’t quitting. I was still working there like nothing changed. Well, I guess the universe was sick of waiting because I got “let go.” I guess the words, “You’re fired,” are too harsh now.

Personally, I’m not worried. People like Mariah Carey and Oprah got fired and they’re so successful everyone has heard their name. I’m not looking to get famous or anything but I’ll get hired somewhere else soon. The universe got me fired, so another better job should be around the corner!

Author: Leanne
About the Author: An 18-year-old who read about the law of attraction a few years ago and is hoping to slowly change her life with it.

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