Success Story: Free Starbucks Coffee With The Law Of Attraction

If you have read the secret you must all have tried getting a free coffee. 😉

Today’s success story talks about getting a free coffee from Starbucks.

I’ve been learning about LOA for about 6 months now, and I’m 19.

I learned The Secret first through Abraham-Hicks teachings on YouTube, but was really confused about how to keep my vibration/frequency/attitude high enough to receive good things in my life. Reading The Power and The Magic did wonders for this too, I now know!

Wanting to learn more about how to raise my vibration, I stumbled upon an article talking about how to know if your frequency is powerful and positive enough. I checked off on most of items on the list except a few, especially one that stood out to me: You Get Stuff For Free! Like someone will pay for your food randomly, or you’ll get tickets to a favorite concert with no cost to you. I remember thinking, “Ah, I want that!”

Success Story Free Starbucks Coffee With The Law Of Attraction

A few days later, I’m at a Starbucks, deciding to order my new favorite, Mocha Soy Frappuccino, and then changed my mind all of the sudden and asked for a Vanilla Bean instead.

“Oh, sorry, we’re out.”

So I went with Mocha.

“Sorry about that, you can have this one on the house then!”

Heck yeah!

Watched the number on the screen for a venti Frappuccino say $0.00!!

I was so happy! I got something for free! I’ve achieved my goal. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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