Success Story: The Magic Saved My Life!

I had to write to express my deepest gratitude for your work.

Five weeks ago I had a highly stressful job, and was regularly suffering from severe situational anxiety and panic attacks. I couldn’t cope having no control over my anxious body and mind; I felt I had completely lost my identity, and starting making plans to take my own life.

Yet something stopped me. Having watched The Secret, and having deep faith in the universe, I felt called to purchase The Magic and began working through your daily gratitudes.

I am currently on Day 24, and believe you have saved my life.

I was broken, desperate, empty, yet everything has shifted since following your daily practices. I now wake up in a state of euphoric joy each day and give thanks for all that I have. I have left my job and amazing opportunities keep manifesting.

It is like I am looking at life through a new lens. I cherish every moment, everything is more beautiful, almost magical because of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Author: Olivia

About the Author: Hi my name is Olivia, I just turned 30 and live in Australia. I have always been fit, healthy, happy. I have an amazing husband, live in a beautiful apartment and am surrounded by awesome friends. Yet for the past two years I have been working in highly stressful jobs and my world came crashing down. I began suffering from severe anxiety and nearly took my own life. I want to share the story of how The Magic saved my life.



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