Success Story: Send Your Dream Frequency and Attract What you Want

First of all, thank you so much Rhonda for bringing The Secret to the world and to my hubby for gifting me The Secret.

Also a big thank you to Universe, Almighty, Parents and all my well-wishers.

After getting married in Nov. 2011, I shifted to Lucknow with my husband and was looking for a job in the banking sector.

Suddenly, after few weeks I read an ad in the newspaper regarding employment in one of the most reputed private sector banks. I got selected in the interview and started working after I completed my training. With my fortune I was the only one selected from the zone for the award that I had dreamed for.

Later got a big promotion, from wife to mother of beautiful, healthy, baby girl and quit my job to take care of my child. Adding prosperity to our life brought a new house and a dream car. But I really wanted to move out of Lucknow to any metropolitan city for our better future. So I started sending out frequency.

Send Your Dream Frequency and Attract What you Want

Now here again, Universe showered it’s blessings on us, as my husband got promoted in the same organization and transferred to Bengaluru. We are so happy, positive and excited to relocate conveniently as our dream for better life and better education of my child is coming true. Also more prospects for me to get my dream job in the State Bank of India.

Thank you so much universe!

Will soon share my success story for selection in SBI and our experience at Bengaluru. To all, please start sending your dream frequency and attract the same.

Be thankful and happy!!!!

Author: Roma
About Roma: Hi,I am Homemaker and mother of a 2 year old daughter. With the blessings of universe I got married to the person I wanted to be with. Had worked for 7 years in a reputed organization, but now I have left my job to take care of my daughter.

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