Woman Loses Weight And Transforms Herself With The Law of Attraction

I must really thank Rhonda Byrne for sharing the wonderful knowledge of The Secret with the world. I’m really grateful for her because everything I gained up until now is because of this wonderful law of attraction. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank her and all the people who gave their support in making the film of The Secret. And I’m really proud to say The Secret is one of the most important things in my life and I listen to it and The Power audio books every day.

A year ago my life was really a mess. I felt like everything goes wrong in my life. I was really pessimistic. Due to my bad attitude I gained lot of weight. My weight was up to 80 kg. Due to that unhealthy weight, dark patches appeared in some parts of my body and my face was full of pimples and blackheads. In other words, I felt really ugly and due to my negative thoughts I became worse every day.

My family members, friends and my relatives used to tell me I was fat and even my crush at that time rejected me, telling me I was fat and ugly. My cousin’s sister didn’t take me as her bridesmaid for her wedding because of my not so great figure. I got rejected from my university. I can remember I cried a lot and I wondered why everything in my life went wrong. I didn’t know then that the problem was with me. At that time I didn’t understand we become what we think about and thoughts become things.

Woman Loses Weight And Transforms Herself With The Law of Attraction

So one day when I was searching for a movie to watch, The Secret came to me. I had it with me but I didn’t take the idea it tried to convey very seriously earlier. So I thought of watching the movie again. After watching it I had this amazing feeling that I can transform my life in a totally opposite way.

So what I did was totally simple. Every day I visualized what I wanted it to be. I wanted to have a slim figure. There was a model I admire very much and wanted to be more like her. I wanted to have a sexy figure like her and I wanted to have glowing skin like her. I wanted to feel that I am worthy. So I downloaded so many pictures of that model and I changed all the wallpapers of my phone and my computer to her pictures so every day when I open my computer and phone, there she was. And whenever I saw her I felt like she was me. I really enjoyed that feeling. I even wrote “Thanks for my 54 kg body” as the welcome note of my phone. So whenever I opened it I gave thanks to my body.

Every time I think of me that model’s face came to my mind. Her slim body was my body, her glowing skin was my skin and her long spiral hair was my hair. I really enjoyed that fantasy of my visualizations. And I stopped going in front of the mirror and examining how fat I was. Instead I visualized how slim I am.

An amazing thing happened after a few weeks. My relationships with my family and friends became very good. Earlier I had a very bad temper but slowly I became a calm and cool person. My eating habits changed. I didn’t know why, but I got addicted to eating fruits. To be honest I wasn’t a big fan of fruits before. Earlier all I ate was deep fried foods but slowly I enjoyed eating vegetables and fruits. I suddenly felt like doing workouts and it’s not because I forced myself to do it. I felt the feeling after a sweating workout was very good. And also I enjoyed drinking a lot of water.

As Jack Canfield says in The Secret “When you have inspired thought, you have to trust it and have to act on it”. I really enjoyed these new thoughts of mine and I did what I felt like doing. And every day I listened to The Secret, even if only a bit. I listened to Abraham Hicks, too. I really enjoyed my days.

After sometime I felt like my body was losing all the fat and after a few months I was 63 kg. And I didn’t mind the number that showed on my weighing scale. I really enjoyed my life. But the numbers that appeared on my weighing scale changed slowly. I reduced more and more weight as the time passed by. I felt I was reaching my goal weight soon. I thought of applying to the university again.

And this time I was selected for the interview. I was really happy!

One day one of my friends came to visit me after a long time and she said I have become beautiful. She said I have glowing skin and my body is very slim now. When she saw the wallpaper on my phone she asked me whether it was me because she said that girl really looked like me. I was really happy!!

And on that university interview day when I was getting ready, I looked at me from the mirror. OMG, who am I? My friend was right. There wasn’t a single pimple on my face, my skin was really glowing, my hair was really cool and my body was really slim. Of course I didn’t need any makeup to put on because I am a natural beauty. And forget that model because I was really more beautiful than her. I was really amazed!!

When I went to the interview all the boys looked at me, they noticed me a lot. I was really happy and even some girls also took a second look at me. I felt like I was a goddess because the expressions in the people’s face when I passed them told me that I am really the girl I visualized. The lady on the interview board told me I was really beautiful and I am the cutest girl she has ever seen. And they gave me a hint that I will get selected this time. I didn’t have words to express my gratitude.

So here I am now from miss unattractive to miss perfect. All changed because of The Secret. Now I have a perfect body. I am 53 kg now. I even have glowing beautiful skin people often notice. My hair is long and healthy now. Most of my friends ask me what is the secret of my glowing skin and my perfect body.

I must thank universe for giving me such a wonderful life. I am truly blessed.


And for all the girls who are out there reading my story I must tell you, you are very beautiful. You are the most beautiful, intelligent, elegant and outstanding woman out there in this whole world. Be truly grateful for the universe for giving you this wonderful life and this amazing beauty. And don’t let other people’s negative thoughts ruin your life. No one else can take your place. There is something magnificent about you. You are unique. Be grateful for being born as you are. And always remember to be positive because you deserve to be happy. May all your dreams come true!!!!

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