Success Story: Gratitude Heals Their Son

Our son had a difficult birth, and we were told that he would have Cerebral Palsy from the stroke that he had suffered from on the left side.

Not really knowing the outcome, and the doctors giving us their early assessments, my husband and I were buried in emotions.

The Secret came at such a crucial time in our lives. It snapped me back and out of the postpartum and unknown. I started praying and thanking and really focusing on feeling good. Parking spaces and free coffees were the easy things.

Gratitude Heals Their Son

We have poured many hours into our son… we have our gratitude rocks, we have our vision boards, we have each other, and we have pure love….

Our son is turning one in a couple of months, and has been given the ok by his doctor that he is fine, he does not have Cerebral Palsy and will not have Cerebral Palsy.

He is fine! He’s more than fine. He is our son.

Believe in yourself and believe in others.

Peace be with you.


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