You can Attract Even Flowers With The Law of Attraction

Thank you so much for teaching us The Secret, The Power and The Magic in the simplest way. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rhonda and team and everyone who is using The Secret or a reader of my story.

Well, I was introduced The Secret book 4 years back and it was an eye opener. Since then I not only read this book every day I gift it to others whenever I can. Those friends that don’t read a lot, I shared The Secret with them verbally. Then came The Power and The Magic. All books are wonderful. Best part, I am practicing The Secret, love and gratitude in my life also and I am getting immense benefit in every field of my life.

You can Attract Even Flowers With The Law of Attraction

My latest story is as follows

On March 30, 2013. I was going to drop my daughter to her examination Centre. My husband was driving the car and I was watching the nature, the roads, the market etc. I love beautiful flowers specially dahlia. Just before school, I noticed beautiful shade of dahlia, purple and mauve in color. They were in a very fast moving car so it was may be for 2-3 seconds. I went back after dropping her off and suddenly my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was a boy who sells flowers in our locality. He instead of asking me if I want flowers, requested me, “Madam. I have only two bunches of flowers left with me and I want to sell them before going home. I will give you dahlias for half the rate. I am bringing the flowers for you. And without waiting for my reply he ran down to bring flowers. Within seconds I understood everything. I thought if this is the same color, then I will believe all the more in The Secret. And you won’t believe he brought the same colored dahlias. Since I think of abundance in all good things, he gave me the second bunch also for half rate. So now I had two bouquets of flowers. That day the 31st March is my daughter’s birthday and we had to buy bouquets for her. I was amazed how everything happened so fast and perfectly. After two hours when we went on the same road to pick up my daughter from the school, I noticed purposely this time, that florist didn’t have any of those flowers.

Then same day a lady known to my brother in law came to our home in the evening and brought red roses just as a nice gesture. My brother in law told me that he wanted to send 18 red roses for my daughter for her 18th birthday but he couldn’t arrange it. After finishing with him on phone, I rushed to the roses and counted the no. Believe me they were 18 in nos. and they were delivered to us by his friend’s wife who had come from the same city.

Universe knows how, when, why, who, whom everything. Universe knows love. Universe knows abundance. Universe knows all our desires may be the faintest. Universe knows our needs also.

I am a firm believer that all our desires are met.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda and team for sharing your knowledge.

God bless everyone.

About Neeti k. from Delhi, India:

I am a home maker, loving daughter, sister, wife and mother of 2 children.

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