Getting Lost Love With the Law of Attraction

I’m so grateful to everyone involved in this project for having given hope to millions across the globe. Thank you!! I have been waiting for 3 months to post my story, but something happened yesterday that made me post it immediately.

I was in a relationship for over a year with my best friend of 2 years. He was crazily in love with me; I merely liked him then. Slowly over a period of 3-4 months, I fell for him too. It was a perfect relationship and we knew we’d get married a few years down the line. We were very confident of having a future together. However, soon, I started feeling very dissatisfied. I missed him as my best friend, missed the initial charm that the relationship had. Plus I felt very guilty for having ditched an ex. I still loved my partner crazily, but somehow forgot to appreciate that feeling and be grateful for it. Very obviously, as LOA says, all these persistent negative thoughts brought the entire relationship crumbling down. He broke up with me in Dec 2012. There were issues at his place regarding me and he made it very clear that we could never have a future together. I was devastated, yes. More than I can allow myself to remember now. They were terrible days and nights, I don’t wish to recollect at all. Anyway, that was the starting of my journey with The Secret.

Getting Lost Love With the Law of Attraction

I read the book, watched the movie daily to keep myself happy. I have a gratitude journal (this is my second one actually) I made entries into every day, sometimes 2-3 times a day. I visualized him coming back to me, telling me that his parents approve of me. I believed it was possible because it was. Belief and faith have never been difficult to achieve for me because I’m inherently a very positive person. However, the difficulty was to keep sustaining and nurturing that faith. And that was because he and I hung out in the same group in college. I used to be around him for almost 6 hours every day, seeing how relieved he was with the break-up. Despite all that, I kept going. There were moments of despair. But I couldn’t afford to have gotten depressed, could I?

I asked Universe/God for a sign. Just one sign to show me there was still hope, There was still that future we both had dreamed of. And I forgot that I had made such a demand from universe. I got on with concentrating on believing that he’d be back. After 3 months, yesterday, it happened. He sat beside me like friends normally do. We were talking naturally when the conversation drifted to “us”. After a very, very long time, he spoke his heart out. I could sense the guilt he felt for having ditched me. He blamed himself for having been a coward. He hated the fact that I still did not hate him for what he had done. He was stunned when I told him that I still loved him. I could see his eyes moisten.

He didn’t let it pass that he still loves me. But I believe very strongly now that he still does. Universe finally gave me the sign to keep my struggle on. Universe finally showed me that the destination is not very far from here. I believe in the fact that my partner and I have a beautiful future together. We deserve to be together. And we will be, very soon. I’m waiting eagerly to post when that finally happens. I’m grateful for having got this platform to share my story. I hope I have been able to motivate someone with my story just like those other people who motivated me with theirs.

Ask for a sign. Know that what you ask is what you deserve. Because you deserve the best in life. Keep feeling grateful, keep loving things. Because love is all there is. Love conquers everything! Please pray for me. Pray that I succeed in this mission. Thank you again! 🙂

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