How I got rid of my Broncho-Spasm using the Law of Attraction

Beginning today we will start to post success stories of people who have actually used the secret and have succeeded in it completely. You can use this stories to motivate yourself and you can read them whenever a doubt starts arising in your mind.

I have seen many miracles happening in my life and I want to share one such miracle…

I have a family of asthmatic patients and I was also one of them. When I was in high school I had run into a very bad allergy and stress, which made me face broncho-spasms every now and then. I was too young and scared to face all this and I should admit I spent most of the nights in the hospital with a nebulizer. My terrified parents had to take me around to all the big hospitals in the state, I had to skip many of my school days, my academic performance was low, people started looking at me as a sick hopeless person. It was a tough time for me and my parents.

I had watched The Secret DVD years back and I decided to watch it again after 3 years. I decided to make use of the law of attraction. I took a tough decision to stop my medications and just rest. I preferred a wonderful holiday. I went over to a near-by pollution-free hill station and decided to spend the weekend over there with my parents. I used to meditate every day and I distracted myself with the beauty of the hills, waterfalls, etc. and within a fortnight I was half cured. As time went by I got completely cured. My parents were happy and so were the doctors.
Healing Power
That was a scary year for me but after that till today, which is four years, I have never experienced a spasm. I breathe easily and I am a very active person. I am happy as ever…

I am one of the happiest people in the world..!! Thank you so much, Rhonda..!! The LOA is helping me everywhere, be it my travel, my relationships, my health, my studies, of course parking, etc etc..

And I wish all those who are reading my story, a wonderful life, with all their dreams coming to life, making their lives magical.

About the author Suriya s. from India:

I am a sophomore doing bachelor’s in architecture…
I came to know the LOA at a very young age, thanks to Rhonda Bryne and all teachers, I have been using the LOA and seeing many miracles happening around in my life, just for me…!!

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