Use the Law of Attraction to attract Relationships

Use Law of Attraction to attract Relationships

Being vague, the Universal Laws of Attraction are the principles of life. The law is present and there is no denying them but so many people just fail to understand it. While it does require recognizing and practice, once you catch on you will soar through the rest of your life. Intentionally, you can use these laws to hand create your future.
Science has proven that the universe in its entirety is made up of energy so there is no controversy surrounding this because it is a proven scientific fact. Then it would be safe to assume that everything is energy.

The universe also responds to attention and it really is not partial to negative or positive attention, the choice is basically yours. You must realize though that if you are a negative person and allow yourself to be filled with negative thoughts you will release negative energy and that is what you will get back, it is how you will live, and it will become your destiny.

On the other hand, imagine what will happen if you are a positive person and you are full of positive thinking. That too is what you will get back and that will become your destiny. The choice is yours. Simply put, if you think something will be hard then it will and if you believe it can be done there will be no stopping you.

If you want to start a relationship but you keep focusing on how difficult or impossible it will be then you might as well latch on to that lifeless thought of being single forever because you are not going anywhere. Approach it positively and believe in it and it will happen.

If you seem to have a hard time either finding a relationship or staying in one do a rewind in your head and check your mental notes you will clearly see what happened.

You have been more focused on what you don’t have or what you can’t get or its too hard rather than counting your blessings for what you do have, believing that you can get what you don’t have and not thinking that anything is too hard to attain. You have to stop thinking that you are the underdog and that everyone has it better than you or the Law of Attraction will take over and you will die thinking the same garbage.

The law of attraction is in part about making your life a happier place. The more positive thoughts, the more positive your life will be. The happier you are, the more happiness that will be coming your way. Well why not channel this fun and happiness into your dating life? You only live once, and life should be about celebration and pleasure.

When going on a first date why not try and incorporate some fun and make it a more memorable time? Everyone has done the safe dinner and movie first date. Impress your date with some of these creative dating ideas:

* pack some gourmet goodies and fine beverages and go on a picnic.

* dress up in your finest gear and hire a luxury or sports car for the day.

* go ice skating or for a sleigh ride if you are lucky enough to live in a cold snowy environment.

* go to an amusement or theme park and dare each other to go on the scariest rides.

* go to a toy store and purchase a toy each. Perhaps you could buy something that you always wanted as a child or something that looks like fun to try now.

* go for a scenic bike ride.(You can use the image below for Visualization)

Creative Dating Ideas - Cycling

* go for a horse ride.

* try your luck at fishing.

* fly kites for the afternoon if it is windy enough.

* enroll in a cooking class together.

* wander around a local market or shopping mall.

* visit an observatory and use the telescopes to gaze at the stars.

* go ten pin bowling.

* visit a golf driving range. Make silly bets with each other like the most air swings or the ball hit the smallest distance wins the day.

* go to garage sales and see who can find the best bargain, or silliest purchase, of the morning.

There are plenty of other fun and pleasurable dating ideas that you can probably think of yourself. If your date doesn’t seem inclined to want to have fun, then that could possibly be a signal to you that they do not share your positive outlook on life.

Dating should be fun and joyful. Celebrate another glorious day and your ability to share it with a new date. Positive happy people will attract other vibrant happy people.

The more fun and happiness that you bring into your life, the more positive and joyous activities will come your way. Using the law of attraction will bring more light hearted and friendly people into your life.

Take the snooze factor out of those first dates. Have a blast and your date will inevitably have a great time too. You will both be so busy having a fantastic time that you will forget to be nervous.

For more information on how to make dating a more pleasurable activity for both of you perhaps you would like to read the law of attraction. Remember, celebrating the joy of living will bring you even more pleasure and happiness.

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